Evidence in APAC – getting the real world perspective

HTAnalysts has extensive experience conducting Phase IV fit-for-purpose studies in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

HTAnalysts led the development of the study protocol and assisted with developing the CRF and Data Management plan. HTAnalysts also led the analysis including the costing analysis conducted for individual countries. The study let to a number of publications.

HTAnalysts have conducted a cross-sectional, multi-country, observational study of adult patients with respiratory diseases in the Asia Pacific region.


  • 01

    A total of 22 sites were included in the study.

  • 02

    Subjects were screened during visits to primary care providers and consenting patients were included in the study.

  • 03

    The study examined the proportion of patients receiving care for asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or rhinosinusitis.

  • 04

    An exploratory objective was to source and describe the cost of healthcare resource use and productivity losses associated with respiratory disease..