Strategic market access – a novel approach

A client with highly specialised therapies for serious & life-threatening diseases engaged HTAnalysts.

The challenge

Negotiate a complex risk-share agreement that required:
Building a mutually acceptable pricing mechanism. Liaising with clients stakeholders (local affiliate, global HEOR & pricing, medical and corporate teams), and the Government Stakeholders, including the DoH, PBAC and the Minister. Facilitating and reaching agreement with all stakeholders.


  • Application

    Application to the PBAC completed by HTAnalysts.

  • Cost effectiveness

    Argument strengthened with respect to survival gain, dose adjustments and utility benefits.

  • Additional local evidence

    Obtained (ultimately used internationally). Innovative performance-based pricing strategy developed replacing ‘usual practice’ of initiation and continuation rules.

  • Internal financial modelling

    Developed by HTAnalysts taking into account various performance outcomes and pricing scenarios.

  • Evidence

    HTAnalysts negotiated final complex risk-sharing arrangement with appropriate post-listing evidence collection.


Successful reimbursement with ongoing access for all eligible patients, achieved in faster time than comparable highly-specialised products.

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