Clinical guidelines – developing best practice

HTAnalysts have considerable experience undertaking systematic reviews, grading evidence, formulating recommendations and developing clinical practice guidelines.

The challenge

HTAnalysts were recently selected as the preferred provider to update components of the patient blood management guidelines for the National Blood Authority (NBA). To update the guidelines, HTAnalysts developed a research protocol, identified relevant studies and undertook a structured assessment of the literature.


  • Protocol

    To develop the research protocol, HTAnalysts worked with the NBA and a clinical expert panel. meetings with the clinical expert panel are run by HTAnalysts in order to produce targeted guidance.

  • Review

    A comprehensive systematic review will be undertaken to identify relevant studies, leveraging the latest software and screening techniques to drive efficiencies.

  • Appraisal & Presentation

    All included studies will be critically appraised using GRADE and key datapoints extracted and collated. HTAnalysts then present the findings to the expert panel and guide members grading the body of evidence and forming recommendations or expert opinion points, ensuring the recommended course of action is clearly linked to the evidence that supports it.