Measuring, evaluating and improving the lives of those with disability

Our impact measurement services help ensure investment goes where it can have the greatest possible impact, from Early Childhood Early Intervention through to aged care.

Helping those who need it most

Helping those with disabilities has a ripple effect impacting their families and carers, employers, and many more – for their entire lives. We leverage twenty years of rigourous analysis in the healthcare space to help measure the impact of initiatives, both in advance and post-implementation, in pursuit of a broad range of outcomes.


We’re a supplier of QualityMetric’s family of generic health surveys. In particular the SF-36v2® is the most widely used and cited Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measure in the world.

Our capabilities


We apply a range of research methodologies to uncover the full picture.


Our analysts are well versed in tools and techniques to derive insights.


We help clients to prioritise opportunities and plot the most effective way forward.


We help get stakeholders engaged, organised and motivated to drive change.

Discussing the impact of disability

Globally over 1 billion people, or approximately 15% of the world’s population, are estimated to experience disability. Efforts must continue to drive and promote the inclusion, engagement and full participation of people with disability in all aspects of our society.

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Developing clinical guidelines for mental health

The Australian Department of Health engaged HTANALYSTS to develop guidelines that establish a common national approach within and between mental health organisations and services in Australia.

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