Coached SROI Services

Our Coached SROI offer helps you get started, get organised, and get results.

Your pathway to Social Impact expertise

With over twenty years working in the healthcare sector, we’ve developed the most rigorous approach to SROI in the marketplace. Now we help our clients apply the same approach in their organisation.

How it works

We start with an intensive training program, teaching the core principles of SROI.

We then collaborate to build a ‘Theory of Change’ tool and a roadmap for the project.

Documentation and data is captured with templates provided to help you along the way.

We provide expert support and guidance to help you build a strong impact model and an accessible report to best communicate your findings.

Introducing Ripple

Ripple is our powerful and secure collaboration platform, that helps us track outcomes and drive progress.

Grow with the right plan

Our coached SROI model is designed to optimise value, perfect for those who wish to take greater ownership of projects. Our services adapt to the needs of each client, but indicative costs are provided here to illustrate the likely investment.

Service fee Access to Ripple
1st Project $50,000 Free
≤ 5 Projects Tailored to your needs $100 per month
≤ 50 Projects Tailored to your needs $300 per month

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