Quality Metric Tools

SF-36 is just one of the tools we offer but there are many more, including:

  • Generic surveys

    • SF-36V2 Health Survey
    • SF-12V2 Health Survey
    • MOS_Sleep
    • MOS-Cognitive Functioning Scale
    • Pain Impact Questionnaire
  • Consumer Health Activation Index


    • How patients feel about their own health
    • Patient level of knowledge of their health
    • Ability to manage their own health care
  • Disease Specific Tools

    • Asthma Control test (ACT)
    • Asthma Impact Survey (AIS-6)
    • COPD Population Screener (COPD-PS)
    • Headache Impact Test (HIT-6)
    • Hepatitis Quality of Life (HQLQ)
    • Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey
    • Rhinitis Impact Survey
    • Paediatric surveys
  • Health Risk Assessments

    • Combines the SF-12V2 Health Survey with a HRA trial design