Our work

With twenty years of operation in the health and wellbeing space, we’ve worked with a vast array of organisations in the region. Here’s just a sample.

Mother and daughter smiling

The impact of healthy parents on the life of a child

Two leading cancer advocacy organisations engaged HTANALYSTS to understand the true impact of losing a parent to cancer, with a focus on parents of children under the age of 25. 

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Clinical guidance and guidelines

Harnessing evidence to inform clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.
Every day, patient’s place their lives in the hands of medical and health professionals. To ensure safety and best outcomes, it is crucial that clinical practices are backed by the most up-to-date relevant evidence.

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Abstract picture of medication

Uncovering the full picture with SROI

A leading pharmaceutical company with a novel disease-modifying product was seeking Government subsidy and wanted to better communicate the broader value of the drug, beyond the clinical measures captured through the clinical trial.

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