Our work

With twenty years of operation in the health and wellbeing space, we’ve worked with a vast array of organisations in the region. Here’s just a sample.


Impact assessment and the NDIS

There are over 4 million Australians that are currently living with a disability1. For approximately three-quarters, their main form of disability is physical, such as back problems or chronic diseases…
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Mother and daughter smiling

The impact of healthy parents on the life of a child

Two leading cancer advocacy organisations engaged HTANALYSTS to understand the true impact of losing a parent to cancer, with a focus on parents of children under the age of 25. 

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Abstract picture of medication

Uncovering the full picture with SROI

A leading pharmaceutical company with a novel disease-modifying product was seeking Government subsidy and wanted to better communicate the broader value of the drug, beyond the clinical measures captured through the clinical trial.

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