Health Technology Analysts offer a variety of economic modelling services. Our analysts are experienced in building de novo models as well as offering the efficiency of adapting existing models.

The health economic methodologies our team can provide include:

  • Costing and pricing analyses

    • Development of costing models
    • Determination of economically justifiable price
    • Launch sequencing and pricing
    • Forecasting
  • Economic modelling

    • Cost-effectiveness minimisation and benefit analyses
    • Markov modelling
    • Microsimulation and discrete event simulation
  • Discrete choice experiments

    • Assessment of appropriate methodology
    • Development of attributes
    • Choice experiment design and analysis
  • Real world studies and tools

    • Cost and budget impact calculators
    • Resource use and costing studies
    • Cost-effectiveness manuscripts and posters
  • Valuing healthcare

    • Development of appropriate methodology
    • Quality of life utility valuation
    • Ethics approval, experiment design and conduct
  • Teaching

    • Health economics and pharmacoeconomics
    • Health technology assessment