The requirements of launching medical technologies into the market have changed significantly over the years and at times rapidly altered what strategy, evidence and timing are necessary to successfully introduce a product or service.

Health Technology Analysts have the experience and capabilities to help meet the diverse challenges of market access, as we offer:

  • Strategic advice

    • Reimbursement pathway determination
    • Reimbursement requirements advice
    • Jurisdiction expertise
    • Established networks and valuable contacts
  • Value dossiers

    • Creation of new value dossiers
    • Adaptation of global value dossiers
    • Development of value messaging
  • Medical device commercialisation

    • MSAC submission synthesis and/or support
    • Prostheses List applications and advice
    • APAC reimbursement advice and strategy
  • Reimbursement applications

    • Full service PBAC submission strategy
    • Development and post Submission support
    • MSAC submission synthesis and/or support
    • PHARMAC application creation and strategic advice
    • Experience of many other reimbursement agencies globally
  • Go-to-market planning

    • Competitor and landscape analysis
    • Analogue assessments
    • End to end strategy
  • Feasibility Assessments

    • Go or no-go decision making
    • Comparator and market based assessments