Health outcomes research is a critical component of health technology assessment. At Health Technology Analysts we can assist you in conducting a variety of outcomes research activities to maximise the impact of the clinical evidence.

Some of the techniques our team can provide include:

  • Literature review and collation

    • Rigorous search strategy design
    • Systematic literature searches
    • Data extraction and collation
    • Network and meta-analysis
  • Critical appraisal

    • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Systematic assessment of bias (eg GRADE)
    • Evidence translation
  • Clinical practice guidelines

    • Systematic evidence review
    • Clinical expert collaboration
    • Design and synthesis of guideline materials
  • Evidence based value support

    • Sourcing valid and applicable supportive evidence
    • Linking the evidence to a value proposition
    • Applying evidence based medicine
  • Epidemiology

    • Analyses of the disease distribution and trends
    • Prevalence and incidence studies
    • Evidence based literature review
  • Real world evidence generation

    • Capturing and synthesising clinical opinion
    • Patient and clinician surveys
    • Prospective and retrospective cohort studies